dr. james Bissell, curator of botany and director of the natural areas program.

The Museum has been the lead for the Power-from-Restoration initiative since 2012. Jim Bissell is the Project Director, guiding activities and providing ecological expertise. The Museum is the chief steward for the Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve and runs the Marsh Nature Center and Biological Field Station. 

keith moran, land steward, CMNh.
oct 2013


becky Donaldson, chief naturalist, mentor marsh nature center & biological field station (with bob zeitz and graham Mitchell). june 2015

​​Linda Sekura was the originator of the initiative/project, and continues to be the Project Manager and collaborative coordinator.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

​​​​​​Cleveland Museum of Natural History 

   (Current Lead)

Midwest Sustainable Solutions (OH)

   (Project Manager)

Ohio Department of Natural Resources:

   Division of Natural Areas & Preserves 

   Ohio State Parks

quasar energy group (OH)

Ohio State University/ATI

  (Agricultural Technical Institute)

Case Western Reserve University Farm

Klyn Nurseries

Loyola University Chicago 

  and Lake Superior State University (MI)

​Loglogic (UK)

NASA Glenn Research Center (OH)

ITB, Inc. (NASA contractor) (OH)

Tim Scheetz, Inc. (IL)

City of Mentor

Lake County Soil & Water

   Conservation District

Village of Grand River

​Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District

Mentor Marsh Board

Forest City Enterprises (OH)

FDC Enterprises (OH)

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    This project and website was brought to you courtesy of the collaborators, above, due to their many contributions of time, labor, resources and funds.

    We thank the Ohio Lake Erie Commission and Ohio citizens for funding via the Lake Erie Protection Fund (LEPF). The LEPF is supported through tax-deductible donation and the voluntary contribution of Ohioans who purchase Lake Erie license plates featuring the Marblehead Lighthouse or Lake Erie life preserver:

   Lake Erie Protection Fund website